Today I relased the beta version of world wide earth but the beta does not have all functions yet I still have to add them.

PS. I have created a new way of storing the webbrowsers history. The history is now stored in a XML file, this will be the same for bookmarks as well. The XML history is not avilable in 
We will soon be releasing a new version for ProgressBar Clock v2.0 and have renamed the application to Glass Clock this update will fix numerous problems that are present in the application.

Change List:

1: Re-built in C#
2: Maybe XP compatible

Fix List:

1: When clicking on the app the mouse no longer will select other windows behind the app,

2: The application will have better performance since I have re-built it in C#

3: The application will not be as difficalt to configure.

4: The app may be supported in XP

The next two weeks I'm gonna work extra hard to release a beta version of world wide earth 4.1, I estimate that the beta version will be released on the  29th of October. then the main release a few weeks after. I will keep you all informed on the progress of the beta and the main release.
World Wide Earth is still progressing but very slowly I hope to release it by the end of this month or next month lots of new features and faster and secure web browsing.
I have added a new feature which enables world wide earth to play audio voice to say welcome on first start and when new updates are available.

What do you think of this feature comment here.